The Institutional Internationalization Program (PrInt) was created by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), with the following objectives: To encourage the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic p


To train qualified professionals for the exercise of advanced professional practices that transform procedures and specialized in the areas of professional performance in music, for the private and public sectors, especially for the development of activities related to applied research, artistic, scientific and technological development and teaching , in addition to contributing to human evolution in the arts, science, technology and culture, especially in matters of national interest.
Specific objectives:
  • Foster the articulation between updated knowledge about research in traditional areas and lines of professional activity in music, and the oriented application of this knowledge in the consolidation of professional practices of a grounded and innovative character
  • Generate new knowledge, with a view to developing or improving products, processes and systems related to the field of music
  • Develop applied professional research that meet the needs posed by the reality of the world of music work
  • Develop processes and products that contribute to innovation and advancement in the areas of professional music performance
  • Train qualified professionals to generate new knowledge through applied professional research that result in innovative processes and products in the field of music
  • Develop and improve qualified and flexible professional profiles that meet the needs posed by the world of music work
  • Minimize the negative impact of the distortions often caused by the confrontation between the extremely specialized training paths commonly offered by undergraduate courses, and the need for interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems often posed by the reality of work in music in Brazil