The Institutional Internationalization Program (PrInt) was created by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), with the following objectives: To encourage the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic p


The project for the creation of the Professional Graduate Program in Music at the Federal University of Bahia (PPGPROM – UFBA) was approved by the Academic Teaching Council of UFBA on 05.16.2012. In November 2012, the 141st CAPES CTC/ES Meeting approved this proposal. In May 2013, PPGPROM began offering its first classes, thus constituting the first professional postgraduate program in music in Brazil.
However, this pioneering spirit is the result of a history and institutional tradition that has the creation of the PPGPROM as a consequence of a series of processes and actions that involve the UFBA Music School (EMUS – UFBA) as a whole.
The UFBA Music School is one of the most respected and important institutions for higher education in music in Brazil. Created in 1954, it has continuously positively impacted the music scene in our country through innovative initiatives in the fields of artistic creation and teaching.
The creation of the Professional Masters in Music comes from the experience accumulated by EMUS-UFBA in more than six decades of offering professional training in music at the undergraduate level, and more than two decades of existence of the Graduate Program in Music (PPGMUS) .
This history has given EMUS-UFBA an outstanding role of reference as an artistic hub and training center in music, continuously attracting students and artists from all over the country and abroad. The creation of the first Professional Master's Degree in Music in Brazil intends to continue the tradition of innovation characteristic of our school, and part of the institutional detection and recognition of the need to create a specific space for training and improvement at the stricto sensu dos postgraduate level different professional profiles demanded today by the world of work in the field of music.
Despite its brief history, the PPGPROM can already see - through the search for students, teachers and institutional partnerships, and the quality of the research carried out - the great quantity and diversity of demands for the training offered by it, already being today an agglutinating pole of professionals and individuals interested in professionalization in the various fields of music.