The Institutional Internationalization Program (PrInt) was created by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), with the following objectives: To encourage the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic p

Partnerships - Technical-Scientific and Cultural Cooperation Agreements

PPGPROM currently works in partnership with two of the largest symphony orchestras in the country, OSESP – Symphonic Orchestra of the State of São Paulo – and OFMG – Philharmonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais. This institutional partnership promotes the training of the members of these orchestras in a planned and coordinated way between the institutions, with coordinated actions that take advantage of the best of each institution.
The most recent partnership is with OFMG, which began at the end of 2020. Today, we have 5 musicians from the institution taking a professional master's degree in the program, with projects linked to professional activities developed in the orchestra.
PPGPROM's partnership with OSESP began in 2013 and since then we have trained 10 masters, including members of the orchestra, choir and technical staff.
OSESP is currently considered the largest symphony orchestra in the country and its activities extend from its season to audience training programs, promotion of new works of Brazilian music and social inclusion actions.
This training of musicians enabled the transformation of the youth training program (OSESP Academy) into a technical course recognized by the MEC, greatly impacting the country's musical community and the possibilities for young orchestra musicians in search of training and professional opportunities for high level.
The musicians trained by PPGPROM today exercise their functions within the orchestra and also as professors at the Academy.
OSESP is a space for carrying out Supervised Professional Practices of the PPGPROM, as well as for carrying out professional research and observations and experiments.
Partnership Proposals
If your institution is interested in forming a partnership with our program, write to ppgprom@ufba.br with the subject “Cooperation Agreement” so that we can discuss the different forms of inter-institutional collaboration and professional training of musicians and music teachers or click on the link.